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Hospital Directory Asia Lists 1,635 Hospitals in 41 Countries        
About Us
Hospital Directory Asia is a detailed listing of hospital facilities in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. 1,635 hospitals in 41 countries are listed with contact details, number of beds, summary information, website, enquiry email, social networks, map location and hospital photo. Hospitals can add supplementary information tables at modest rates including a complete listing of doctors and their specialties, specialty departments and clinics, announcements, press release, awards and photos.Your Health is a healthcare information and advice Portal for patients and health-conscious people. The top 998 healthcare websites are listed covering 21 diverse topics for patient research and healthy living. Each website listed has a content summary, logo and link and organised in logical categories. Your Health is continually expanding its breadth of information and will be adding original content, healthcare news, tips for staying healthy, daily updates and much more. Stay tuned.

About Exedra Events
EXEDRA EVENTS specializes in conceptualizing and organizing regional conferences and awards programs in Asia. Exedra brings together online communities related to its events by way of directories, consumer portals, and professional updates including blogs and webinars. Exedra is multi-awarded in both the London and Singapore conference awards.
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